Wild Forestfruit

Wild Forestfruit's Juniper-Tree

The Juniper-Tree , a Story from The Grimm Brothers

"...And now the Juniper-tree began to move,  and the branches waved backwards and forwards, first away from one another, and then together again, as it might be someone clapping their hands for Joy. After this a mist came round the Tree, and in the mist of it there was a Burning As of Fire, and out of the Fire there flew a Beautiful Bird, that rose high into the air, Singing Magnificently, and when it could no more be seen, the Juniper-tree stood there as before..."






Tiger, Tikkie, Tikkievogel

1995 - 26 Juli 2009




14 October 2012 -

25 October 2012

MCO Female

Brown Silver Torbie Mackerel White



10 Februar 2013 -

11 March 2013

MCO Female

Black Torbie Blotched

Ollie B. Bommel


19 October 2007-

16 November 2011

MCO Male

Red Silver Tabby Blotched White -

Father Lizzy van Madango


Fleur l'eau Rouge


12 Jauari 2009


24 februari 2021



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