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Wild Forestfruit - The Staff


It All began with 1 cat. Boppie came live with me as a 6 weeks old kitten. At the moment her nickname is also Bob or Mickey. (from Mickey Mouse). With Bobby I became my first litter of 2 males and 1 female at her age of one and a half year. This was so much fun that I began thinking about breeding cats. I read a lot about the different breeds and I fell for the MC, because these are Strong, Beautiful, Big and Longhairy cats and above all: They have a Sweet and Stable Caracter. After this, my Females Aurora and Isis came live with me and afterwards Cleo, Tess, Jane Haily and recently The Two Men Around, Sydney and His Mate Sun! I test my Maine Coons on Felv/Fiv, HCM/PKD/SMA echo and DNA, my cats with the color High White become also the Bear test. I nursure them very well, this because I long for a better breed of Maine Coons according to the Breeding Standard of the Maine Coon. The Cattery and the nursery of the cats are my Hobby, therefore the Cattery is small and there is room for specialization, like breeding kittens in specific colors like High White, Blue and Blond.




Something about Maine Coon Cats


Maine Coon Cats have Half - Longhairy Coats in a winter and summer Varity. During the summer, the Coat is a little thinner, and during the winter it becomes a thick Collar around the neck of the Cat. Then, the cat must be brushed more often than during the summer. At least once a week from kitten of, this is where you Band with your Cat!


Maine Coon Cats are the Biggest Cats we know here in Europe. They are Big, Tender Cats and sometimes therefore named 'Gentle Giants'. Maine Coon Cats are Calm, Optimistic and will not often and with no Reason use their Nails.




Something about me:

My name is Susanne. I live in the old City of Nieuwegein (Vreeswijk) I finished the Basic HBO Study for Drama Teacher with good results and I recently studied Computers. (System- and Network Engineer) I have worked for many years with Students in the age between 16 and 23 at School, in the Computer-Field, in the Recreation Sector. I also worked in the Library at School. At the moment I want to work more with my Cats. I completely make my own Website. Feedback is Welcome ;) I want to be an example for a High Quality of the Breeding Standard of Maine Coons and say No to the Big Unfairness in this Sector.


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